The inclinedFilmNusseltHeight is boundary condition that provides a film height boundary condition for inclined films that imposes a sinusoidal perturbation on top of a mean flow rate, where the height is calculated using the Nusselt solution.


The condition requires entries in both the boundary and field files.

Boundary file

    type            patch;

Field file

    // Mandatory entries
    type            inclinedFilmNusseltHeight;
    GammaMean       <Function1<scalar>>;
    a               <Function1<scalar>>;
    omega           <Function1<scalar>>;

    // Optional entries
    filmRegion      <word>;

    // Inherited entries


Property Description Type Required Default
type Type name: inclinedFilmNusseltHeight word yes -
GammaMean Mean mass flow rate per unit length [kg/s/m] Function1<scalar> yes -
a Perturbation amplitude [m] Function1<scalar> yes -
omega Perturbation frequency [rad/s/m] Function1<scalar> yes -
filmRegion Name of film region word no surfaceFilmProperties

The inherited entries are elaborated in:

  • fixedValueFvPatchScalarFields.H

Further information


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Source code:



  • Introduced in version 2.2.0