The filmPyrolysisRadiativeCoupledMixed is boundary condition that provides a mixed boundary condition for temperature, to be used in the flow and pyrolysis regions when a film region model is used.


The condition requires entries in both the boundary and field files.

Boundary file

    type            patch;

Field file

    // Mandatory entries
    type            filmPyrolysisRadiativeCoupledMixed;
    Tnbr            <word>;
    qr              <word>;
    filmDeltaDry    <scalar>;
    filmDeltaWet    <scalar>;

    // Optional entries
    filmRegion      <word>;
    pyrolysisRegion  <word>;
    convectiveScaling  <scalar>;

    // Inherited entries


Property Description Type Required Default
type Type name: filmPyrolysisRadiativeCoupledMixed word yes -
Tnbr Name of field on the neighbour region word yes -
qr Name of the radiative heat flux word yes -
filmDeltaDry Minimum delta film to be considered dry scalar yes -
filmDeltaWet Maximum delta film to be considered wet scalar yes -
pyrolysisRegion Name of pyrolysis region word no pyrolysisProperties
filmRegion Name of film region word no surfaceFilmProperties
convectiveScaling Convective scaling factor scalar no 1.0

The inherited entries are elaborated in:

  • mixedFvPatchFields.H
  • pyrolysisModel.H
  • temperatureCoupledBase.H

Further information


Source code:



  • Introduced in version 2.2.2