The swirlFanVelocity is a boundary condition that provides a jump condition for velocity across a cyclic pressure jump condition and applies a transformation to the velocity.

The velocity jump is specified with a swirl component as follows:

\[u_{tan} = \frac{\Delta_P}{r_{eff} f_{eff} \omega_{rpm} \frac{\pi}{30}}\]


Property Description
\(u_{tan}\) Tangential component of velocity
\(\Delta_P\) Pressure drop across the cyclic
\(r_{eff}\) Effective radius
\(f_{eff}\) Fan efficiency coefficient
\(\omega_{rpm}\) RPM of the fan

Alternatively an inner and outer radii can be used instead of \(r_{eff}\). The \(u_{tan}\) is as follows for \(r > r_{inner}\) and \(r < r_{outer}\):

\[u_{tan} = \frac{\Delta_P}{r f_{eff} \frac{\omega_{rpm}}{\pi 30}}\]

with \(r = x_{f} - x_{origin}\), and \(f\) is the face center.

The radial velocity is zero in the this model.


The condition requires entries in both the boundary and field files.

Boundary file

    type            patch;

Field file

    // Mandatory entries
    type            swirlFanVelocity;
    rpm             <Function1<scalar>>;

    // Optional entries
    phi             <word>;
    p               <word>;
    rho             <word>;
    origin          <vector>;
    fanEff          <scalar>;
    rEff            <scalar>;
    rInner          <scalar>;
    rOuter          <scalar>;
    useRealRadius   <bool>;

    // Inherited entries
    patchType       cyclic;


Property Description Type Required Default
type Type name: swirlFanVelocity word yes -
rpm RPM of the fan Function1<scalar> yes -
phi Name of flux field word no phi
p Name of pressure field word no p
rho Name of density field word no rho
origin Fan centre vector no Zero
fanEff Fan efficiency scalar no 1
rEff Effective radius scalar no 0
rInner Inner radius scalar no 0
rOuter Outer radius scalar no 0
useRealRadius Flag to use inner/outer radii bool no false

The inherited entries are elaborated in:

  • Foam::fixedJumpFvPatchField
  • Foam::Function1

  • Negative rpm will reverse the input tangential direction.
  • This boundary condition needs to be used with a pressure-jump (e.g. fan) condition with a non-zero dp, otherwise no swirl will be applied (dp=0).
  • Please ensure physical and complementary set-ups for the pressure-jump and swirlFanVelocity boundary conditions.

Further information


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Source code:



  • Introduced in version v1806