• Category: Incompressible
  • steady state
  • incompressible
  • turbulence
  • evolves the flow system to reach a target average velocity
  • useful to set velocity and turbulence inflow conditions based on a fully developed flow profile


The velocity is modelled according to the equation

\[\div \tensor{R}_{dev} = \grad p + S_U\]

where the velocity and pressure gradient are corrected to achieve the target velocity \(\overline{\u}\). After solving the above equation, the velocity is corrected from the current volume-averaged velocity, i.e.

\[\u^{n+1} = \u^n + \left( \overline{\u} - \overline{\u}^n \right)\]

and the pressure gradient from:

\[\left(\grad p\right)^{n+1} = \left(\grad p\right)^{n} + \overline{\frac{1}{\mat{A}}\left( \overline{\u} - \overline{\u}^n \right)}\]

where the averages are calculated as volume averages.

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