The setTurbulenceFields utility applies a two-step automatic initialisation procedure for RAS computations based on the work of Manceau[45] to address slow or non-convergence attributed in the first O(10) time steps and improve resulting predictions.



setTurbulenceFields [OPTIONS]


setTurbulenceFields -region region1



No argument needed.


  -case <dir>       Case directory (instead of current directory)
  -decomposeParDict <file>
                    Alternative decomposePar dictionary file
  -dict <file>      Alternative setTurbulenceFieldsDict
  -parallel         Run in parallel
  -region <name>    Specify alternative mesh region
  -doc              Display documentation in browser
  -help             Display short help and exit
  -help-compat      Display compatibility options and exit
  -help-full        Display full help and exit


The setTurbulenceFields utility is configured using a <case>/system/setTurbulenceFieldsDict, taking the form:

// Mandatory entries
uRef            17.55;

// Optional entries
initialiseU     true;
initialiseEpsilon true;
initialiseK     true;
initialiseOmega true;
initialiseR     true;
writeF          true;

kappa           0.41;
Cmu             0.09;
dPlusRef        15.0;

f               f;
U               U;
epsilon         epsilon;
k               k;
omega           omega;
R               R;
Property Description Type Required Default
uRef Reference speed scalar yes -
initialiseU Flag to initialise U bool no false
initialiseEpsilon Flag to initialise epsilon bool no false
initialiseK Flag to initialise k bool no false
initialiseOmega Flag to initialise omega bool no false
initialiseR Flag to initialise R bool no false
writeF Flag to write elliptic-blending field, f bool no false
kappa von Karman constant scalar no 0.41
Cmu Empirical constant scalar no 0.09
dPlusRef Reference dPlus scalar no 15
f Name of operand f field word no f
U Name of operand U field word no U
epsilon Name of operand epsilon field word no epsilon
k Name of operand k field word no k
omega Name of operand omega field word no omega
R Name of operand R field word no R
  • Time that the utility applies to is determined by the startFrom and startTime entries of the controlDict.
  • The utility modifies near-wall fields, hence can be more effective for low-Re mesh cases.


No field needed.



No log output.


No file output.


Property Description Path Type
U Velocity <case>/<time>/ volVectorField
nut Turbulence viscosity <case>/<time>/ volScalarField
epsilon Turbulence kinetic energy dissipation rate <case>/<time>/ volScalarField
k Turbulence kinetic energy <case>/<time>/ volScalarField
omega Specific dissipation rate <case>/<time>/ volScalarField
R Reynolds stress tensor <case>/<time>/ volSymmScalarField
f Elliptic blending factor <case>/<time>/ volScalarField


Equations 3, 6, 8-13 and page 2 of Manceau[45].

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  • Introduced in version v2206