Helper class to describe what form of averaging to apply. A set will be applied to each base field in Foam::fieldAverage, of the following form.


    mean            on;
    prime2Mean      on;
    base            time; // iteration
    window          200;  // optional averaging window
    windowName      w1;   // optional window name (default = "")
    windowType      approximate; // window type

    allowRestart    yes;  // optional, used for windowType 'exact'

where the entries mean:

Property Description Type Required Default
mean Flag to calculate average bool yes -
prime2Mean Flag to calculate prime-square average bool yes -
base Type of averaging interval word yes -
window Averaging window scalar no -
windowName Name of the averaging window word no -
windowType Type of averaging window word no -
allowRestart Flag to allow restart for windowType=exact bool no -

Options for the base entry:

time | Averaging interval is based on time
iter | Averaging interval is based on iterations

Options for the windowType entry:

none  | no windowing
exact | allow additional files will be stored and written
approximate | disallow additional files will be stored and written

To employ the prime2Mean option, the mean option must be enabled.

Further information

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