• Semi-Implicit Method for Pressure Linked Equations
  • By Caretto et al. [9]

The sequence for each iteration follows:

  1. Advance to the next iteration \(t = t^{n + 1}\)
  2. Initialise \(\u^{n+1}\) and \(p^{n+1}\) using latest available values of \(\u\) and \(p\)
  3. Construct the momentum equations
  4. Under-relax the momentum matrix
  5. Solve the momentum equations to obtain a prediction for \(\u^{n+1}\)
  6. Construct the pressure equation
  7. Solve the pressure equation for \(p^{n+1}\)
  8. Correct the flux for \(\phi^{n+1}\)
  9. Under-relax \(p^{n+1}\)
  10. Correct the velocity for \(\u^{n+1}\)
  11. If not converged, go back to step 2


  • By Van Doormaal and Raithby [82]