The ensightWrite function object writes OpenFOAM fields in EnSight format.


Example of function object specification:

    // Mandatory entries
    type            ensightWrite;
    libs            (utilityFunctionObjects);
    fields          (<wordRes>);

    // Optional entries
    blockFields     (<wordRes>);
    boundary        <bool>;
    internal        <bool>;
    nodeValues      <bool>;

    format          <word>;
    width           <label>;
    directory       <fileName>;
    overwrite       <bool>;
    consecutive     <bool>;

    faceZones       (<wordRes>);
    patches         (<wordRes>);
    excludePatches  (<wordRes>);

            action          <action-type>;
            source          <source-type>;
            action          <action-type>;
            source          <source-type>;
            action          <action-type>;
            source          <source-type>;

    // Inherited entries
Property Description Type Required Default
type Type name: ensightWrite word yes -
libs Library name: fieldFunctionObjects word yes -
fields Names of operand fields wordRes yes -
blockFields Excluded fields from output wordRes no -
boundary Convert boundary fields bool no true
internal Convert internal fields bool no true
nodeValues Write values at nodes bool no false
format ascii or binary format word no same as simulation
width Mask width for \c data/XXXX label no 8
directory The output directory name word no postProcessing/NAME
overwrite Remove existing directory bool no false
consecutive Consecutive output numbering bool no false
faceZones Names of operand face zones wordRes no -
patches Names of operand patches wordRes no -
excludePatches Names of excluded patches wordRes no -

The inherited entries are elaborated in:

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