The shortestPath set determines the shortest path between a set of inside and outside points, by walking from cell centre to cell centre.

This is particularly useful to determine holes in surface files used in meshing processes.

At least one to sample field must be specified


Basic operation of the shortestPath set comprises:

    type            sets;
    libs            (sampling);

        type            shortestPath;
        axis            <axis>;
        insidePoints    (<points>);
        outsidePoints   (<points>);

Sample output

The following image is taken from a motorBike tutorial case where visor patch and some patch faces on the back of the motorbike have been removed. During meshing, these changes allow the mesh to flood into previously closed surfaces.


Application of the shortestPath set enables the leak path to be identified easily.

Further information

Source code:


Example usage:


  • Introduced in version v1812