Solves for the velocity potential to provide velocity and incompressible flux fields, typically used to initialise viscous calculations.


  • Category: Basic
  • steady state
  • incompressible


Solves for the velocity potential, \(\Phi\), using the equation

\[\laplacian \Phi = \div \phi\]

where the volumetric flux, \(\phi\) is given by dotting the interpolated velocity with the face area vectors:

\[\phi = \u_f \dprod \vec{S}_f\]

Finally the cell centre velocity is derived by reconstructing the volumetric flux.

Input requirements

Mandatory fields:

  • p: kinematic pressure [m2/s2] or Phi: velocity potential [m2/s]
  • U: velocity [m/s]

Physical models

  • None

Solution controls

$FOAM_CASE/system/fvSchemes requirements:

$FOAM_CASE/system/fvSolution requirements:

Command line options

  • -pName <name>: name of the pressure field
  • -initialiseUBCs: initialise the velocity boundary conditions prior to computing the volumetric flux
  • -writePhi: write the velocity potential field
  • -writep: write the Euler pressure field

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