The meshQualityDictionary dictionary is used to define the values of many extrema encountered during the meshing process to ensure that the resulting mesh is of sufficient quality for subsequent calculation. The limits predominantly affect feature conformance, i.e. regions most likely to incur local mesh distortion. If the mesh violates any of the limiting values it attempts to re-apply the offending changes with updated settings for additional cycles. This is an override of the mesh quality settings when the nRelaxedIter has been reached. Values include:


maxNonOrtho [scalar]

Maximum face non-orthogonality angle [deg]: the angle made by the vector between the two adjacent cell centres across the common face and the face normal

maxNonOrtho             65;

maxBoundarySkewness [scalar]

Maximum boundary skewness:

maxBoundarySkewness     20;

maxInternalSkewness [scalar]

Maximum internal face skewness:

maxInternalSkewness     4;

maxConcave [scalar]

Maximum cell concavity [deg]:

maxConcave              80;

minVol [scalar]

Minimum cell pyramid volume [m\(^3\)]:

minVol                  1e-13;

minTetQuality [scalar]

Minimum tetrahedron quality:

//  1e-15 (small positive) to enable tracking
// -1e+30 (large negative) for best layer insertion
minTetQuality           1e-15;

minVolCollapseRatio [scalar]


// if >0 : preserve single cells with all points on the surface if the
// resulting volume after snapping (by approximation) is larger than
// minVolCollapseRatio times old volume (i.e. not collapsed to flat cell).
//  If <0 : delete always.
//minVolCollapseRatio   0.5;

minArea [scalar]

Minimum face area [m\(^2\)]: A negative value to bypass this metric

minArea                 -1;

minTwist [scalar]

Minimum twist:

minTwist                0.02;

minDeterminant [scalar]

Minimum cell determinant:

minDeterminant          0.001;

minFaceWeight [scalar]

Minimum face interpolation weight

minFaceWeight           0.05;

minFaceFlatness [scalar]

minFaceFlatness: Optional

minFaceFlatness         -1;

minVolRatio [scalar]


minVolRatio             0.01;

minTriangleTwist [scalar]


minTriangleTwist        -1;

nSmoothScale [scalar]

Smoothing iterations. Used in combination with errorReduction:

nSmoothScale            4;

errorReduction [scalar]

Error reduction. Used in combination with nSmoothScale

errorReduction          0.75;

relaxed [dictionary]

Any of the mesh quality controls can be relaxed by adding the appropriate entry to the relaxed dictionary, e.g.

    maxNonOrtho             75;