The probes function object samples field values at point locations and writes the result to file using the chosen output file format.


Example of function object specification:

    // Mandatory entries
    type                probes;
    libs                (sampling);
    probeLocations      (<points>);
    fields              (<wordRes>);

    // Optional entries
    fixedLocations      <bool>;
    includeOutOfBounds  <bool>;
    verbose             <bool>;
    sampleOnExecute     <bool>;
    interpolationScheme <scheme-type>;

    // Inherited entries

where the entries mean:

Property Description Type Required Default
type Type name: probes word yes -
libs Library name: sampling word yes -
probeLocations List of probe locations vectorList yes -
fields Names of fields to be sampled wordRes yes -
fixedLocations Do not recalculate cells if mesh moves bool no true
includeOutOfBounds Include out-of-bounds locations bool no true
verbose Increase the level of verbosity to log bool no false
sampleOnExecute Sample on execution and store results bool no false
interpolationScheme Interpolation scheme to use word no cell

Options for the interpolationScheme entry:

Property Description
cell Uses the cell value for any location within the cell.
cellPatchConstrained Uses the cell value for any point in the cell apart from a boundary face where it uses the boundary value directly.
cellPoint Given cell centre values and point (vertex) values decompose into tetrahedra and linear interpolate within them.
cellPointFace Given face centre values and point (vertex) values decompose into tetrahedra and linear interpolate within them.
cellPointWallModified Same as interpolationCellPoint, but if interpolating a wall face, uses cell centre value instead.
pointMVC Given cell centre values interpolates to vertices and uses these to do a Mean Value Coordinates interpolation.

The inherited entries are elaborated in:


Operand Type Location
Input - -
Output file dat <case>/postProcessing/<function object>/<time>/
Output field - -

Stored properties

Reduced data

The following data are stored by the function object for the set of sample values, and can be used by other function objects:

  • average(<field-name>) : average set value
  • min(<field-name>) : minimum set value
  • max(<field-name>) : maximum set value
  • size(<field-name>) : size of set

Further information


Source code:



  • Introduced in version 1.5