This documentation project was created by the OpenFOAM team in 2016 at ESI-OpenCFD Ltd., initially released in read-only form under the name ‘Extended Code Guide’.

Since then it has grown as a result of significant internal investment, and funding from ESI-OpenCFD Customers.

In 2022-23 the content was migrated to the nanoc framework and made freely available under a creative commons license at

ESI-OpenCFD contributors:

  • Andrew Heather (Project lead)
  • Mattijs Janssens
  • Mark Olesen
  • Kutalmış Berçin
  • Matej Forman
  • Prashant Sonakar
  • Pawan Ghildiyal
  • Chiara Pesci
  • Fred Mendonça
  • Swapnil Salokhe
  • Jiri Polansky

With grateful contributions from the OpenFOAM Community

  • OpenCFD Ltd.
  • Jozsef Nagy