Creates a cutting plane through a mesh.


Basic operation of the distanceSurface surface comprises:

    type            surfaces;
    libs            (sampling);

            type            distanceSurface;
            surfaceType     triSurfaceMesh;

            // Optional
            surfaceName     mySurface.obj;
            distance        0;
            signed          true;
            topology        <topology-type>;
            absProximity    1e-5;
            maxDistance     1000;

The topology-type value can be::

  • none : no filtering

Pre-filter options:

  • largestRegion: pre-filter - retains the region with the most cut cells

  • nearestPoints : pre-filter - retains the regions where cut cells are closest to the set user-defined points. Requires additional input:

topology        nearestPoints;
    (0 0 0)
    (1 0 0)
    (1 1 0)

Post-filter options:

  • proximityRegions: post filter - uses the area-weighted distance of each topologically connected region to the input surface to reject regions at a distance greater than absProximity

  • proximityFaces: post-filter - rejects resulting faces with a distance greater than absProximity from the input surface

  • proximity: post-filter - same as proximityFaces

Sample output

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