castellatedMesh [boolean]

Flag to run/skip castellation stage

castellatedMesh yes; // no

snap [boolean]

Flag to run/skip snapping stage

snap        yes; // no

addLayers [boolean]

Flag to run/skip layer addition stage

addLayers   yes; // no

singleRegionName [boolean] OPTIONAL

Single region surfaces get patch names according to the surface only. Multi-region surfaces get patch name surface β€œ_ β€œregion. Default is true

singleRegionName  yes; // no

mergePatchFaces [boolean] OPTIONAL

Avoid patch-face merging. Allows mesh to be used for refinement/unrefinement. Default is true

mergePatchFaces yes; // no

keepPatches [boolean] OPTIONAL

Preserve all generated patches. Default is to remove zero-sized patches (false).

keepPatches     no; // yes

mergeTolerance [scalar]

Merge tolerance. Is fraction of overall bounding box of initial mesh. Note: the write tolerance needs to be higher than this.


debug (label) OPTIONAL

Debug levels to write intermediate mesh data. Use debugFlags instead for better control


debug     1;

debugFlags (List) OPTIONAL

Provides fine-grain control over the debug output, including:

  • mesh: write intermediate meshes
  • intersections: write current mesh intersections as .obj files
  • featureSeeds: write information about explicit feature edge refinement
  • attraction: write attraction as .obj files
  • layerInfo: write information about layers



writeFlags (List) OPTIONAL

Provides fine-grain control over the write output, including:

  • mesh: write all mesh information
  • noRefinement: write mesh without refinement information (level0Edges, surfaceIndex)
  • scalarLevels: write volScalarField with cellLevel for post-processing
  • layerSets: write cellSets, faceSets of faces in layer
  • layerFields: write a volScalarField for layer coverage


    layerFields     // write volScalarField for layer coverage