The solverInfo function object reports the solver performance information for a list of fields

  • residual fields
  • solver type
  • initial residual
  • final residual
  • number of solver iterations
  • convergence flag


The solverInfo function object is specified using:

    type            solverInfo;
    libs            ("");
    fields          (U p);
    writeResidualFields yes;

Sample output

Solver information is written to the directory according to the executeControl settings:


An example output is shown below

# Solver information
# Time          p_rgh_solver    p_rgh_initial   p_rgh_final     p_rgh_iters     p_rgh_converged
50              GAMG            9.294030e-03    4.311920e-05    4               1
100             GAMG            1.168520e-02    3.014190e-05    3               1
150             GAMG            6.986510e-03    1.489130e-05    3               1
200             GAMG            6.059480e-03    5.917190e-05    2               1

If the writeResidualFields is active, residual fields will be output according to the writeControl settings.

Stored properties

Reduced data

The following data are stored by the function object, and can be used by other function objects:

  • <field-name><component>_initial : initial residual
  • <field-name><component>_final : final residual
  • <field-name><component>_iters : number of solver iterations

Further information

Source code:




  • Introduced in version v3.0+
  • Previously known as: