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Top-level entries

Keyword Value type Default value Change?
castellatedMesh boolean
snap boolean
addLayers boolean
singleRegionName boolean yes
mergePatchFaces boolean yes
mergeTolerance scalar
keepPatches boolean no
debug label 0
geometry dictionary
castellatedMeshControls dictionary
snapControls dictionary
addLayerControls dictionary
meshQualityControls dictionary
debugFlags dictionary
writeFlags dictionary
outputFlags dictionary


Sub-dictionary: geometry

Keyword Value type Default value Change?
<geometryName> dictionary
<geometryName>.type geometryType
<geometryName>.name word
<geometryName>.regions word

Castellated mesh controls

Sub-dictionary: castellatedMeshControls

Keyword Value type Default value Change?
maxLocalCells label
maxGlobalCells label
minRefinementCells label
maxLoadUnbalance scalar
nCellsBetweenLevels label
features dictionary
features.file string
features.level label
features.levels (scalar label)
refinementSurfaces dictionary
refinementSurfaces.<geometryName> dictionary
refinementSurfaces.<geometryName>.level label
refinementSurfaces.<geometryName>.regions dictionary
resolveFeatureAngle scalar
gapLevelIncrement label
planarAngle scalar
refinementRegions dictionary
limitRegions dictionary
locationInMesh point
locationsInMesh list of (point word)
allowFreeStandingZoneFaces boolean
faceZoneControls dictionary
locationsOutsideMesh list of points
handleSnapProblems boolean
useTopologicalSnapDetection boolean
interfaceRefine boolean
nCellZoneErodeIter label

Snap controls

Sub-dictionary: snapControls

Keyword Value type Default value Change?
nSmoothPatch label
nSmoothInternal label
tolerance scalar
nSolveIter label
nRelaxIter label
detectNearSurfaceSnap boolean
nFeatureSnapIter label
implicitFeatureSnap boolean false
explicitFeatureSnap boolean true
multiRegionFeatureSnap boolean
nFaceSplitInterval label
detectBaffles boolean
releasePoints boolean
stringFeatures boolean
avoidDiagonal boolean
concaveAngle scalar
minAreaRatio scalar
strictRegionSnap boolean
baffleFeaturePoints boolean

Layer controls

Sub-dictionary: addLayerControls

Mesh quality controls

Sub-dictionary: meshQualityControls

Keyword Value type Default value Change?
maxNonOrtho scalar
maxBoundarySkewness scalar
maxInternalSkewness scalar
maxConcave scalar
minVol scalar
minTetQuality scalar
minArea scalar
minTwist scalar
minDeterminant scalar
minFaceWeight scalar
minVolRatio scalar
minTriangleTwist scalar
minVolCollapseRatio scalar
minFaceFlatness scalar
relaxed dictionary
nSmoothScale label
errorReduction scalar

Debug flags

Sub-dictionary: debugFlags

Keyword Value type Default value Change?

Write flags

Sub-dictionary: writeFlags

Keyword Options Default value Change?

Output flags

Sub-dictionary: outputFlags

Keyword Options Default value Change?